What is a Private Banker? What is His Work for You?

private banking
private banking

The Private Banker is a professional, who in addition to being a personal consultant in the economic / financial field is an assistant in choosing the best solutions aimed at enhancing the client’s assets, ensuring the preservation of living standards over time, planning succession and tax savings. This process of private banking will really support you in all the aspects.

It is a professional who, talking to his client, will become familiar and learn to know him, to understand his predisposition to risk and his intentions in the future. All the economic choices of your client follow 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Also, the purchase of a home, the choice of the master for one’s child, the strategic financial management of the family company are choices evaluated by the client with his own Private Banker.

But who are the clients of Private Bankers?

The clients of Private Bankers are persons with financial resources of not less than 250,000 thousand dollars. A person who, before making any choice, needs precise and well-considered advice, in order to protect his own assets over time and on all fronts , corporate, family, and personal.

private banking

What is meant by Private Banking?

“Private Banking” means all the series of financial and banking services provided to private customers with a high level of assets and with potentially investable cash amounts. The term ‘Private’ indicates the high level of commitment offered to a single customer and the high customization of the services offered to it.

Services offered by Private Bankers

The range of services offered to its clients by Private Bankers is very wide, we see in details which are:

  • Asset management;
  • Management of trust funds;
  • Investment advice;
  • Financing advice;
  • Social security advice;
  • Insurance consultancy;
  • Real estate consultancy;
  • Artistic consultancy;
  • Tax and legal advice;
  • Specific services for freelancers.

Asset management

The management of the personal and family property and real estate assets requires competence and professionalism on the part of the Private Banker, who will have to judge independently and transparently all the risks and benefits deriving from each choice made. We are, therefore talking about highly personalized services in line with the needs and expectations of the customer. There is no planning or procedure suitable for everyone.

Management of trust funds

The trust fund is an “agreement” that gives a person the opportunity to produce benefits for another person. A common example to clarify the concept is when parents keep a “hoard” for their children (precisely a fund), which they can only benefit from after 18 years of age. The Private Banker proposes trust funds if in line with the requests of his client.

Investment advise and also financing

The Private Banker is first a consultant, then a professional at 360 degrees and finally a confidant. He knows the investment and financing market, evaluates, and chooses for his client.

Social security advice

With the targeted analysis by the Private Banker, the customer can promptly recognize any gaps in the pension plan and plan any solutions to be undertaken. Advance planning allows the customer to keep financial expenses as low as possible and also achieve substantial tax savings.