What are problem faced by day today in the world

live in care
live in care

We all be things to be happy in life and live in care  without any disease. However, all the one have got this life for the many others be lead a good is the still dreams there a lot of problems are be running in the today’s world, many of them are give the voices to that, and the many others are entirely in all the ways if there is any significant problem appears then the old gets automatically disappeared these are all be prepared by the media for them the channel had to reach the high TRB level and brings more income to the owner a media people know what the regular people liked so they stated making fools of them all the channels are the primary corporate helpers they can earn the cores and cores for the advertising the product in the pipeline for making this offer they also help to escape for the cases straightforward on the corporate sectors for them this is the mutual things. Still, finally, both are being tied up and started the people making the fools.

live in care

Money problem 

We are being run in a competitive world, so we all want the money to run life peacefully, so we all run to earn money. Many of them are be liked to do the business if they had the capital, and the other is be going for the job. Still, the two are be running in the same content that is earning money nowadays money is medium all the things, so we need money to survive in the world many of them are being invested in the hole and others in the land and the others be stored in the bank for the getting interest for the future period.

Women safety problems 

Nowadays, many women are to be facing sexual problems. They are being forced by the men’s and doing that in our country; more than 100 of the women get raped, and more than 20 are being killed in a single day. This is the massive crime the men don’t touch the women without their permission this is our country values they are being treated as an equal without their consent we don’t force them to involves in it in many countries they are be giving the death for the rape crime. Hence, we had to teach the children that these are the terrible things; sex education is critical to the children who are crossing the age of the 15, so with that, they can learn the social stuff, which helps to get respect from the women.

Overcome all the problems 

We have to teach the children in a right way by doing this the next generation are be getting aware, and they try to safeguard themselves and the family if the government constitution gets stronger the problem raised in the society will be automatically reduced if you come to know that is wrong you have to fight for this till that one makes the right so let’s started working on getting the next generation to be lived in care and happy