The Perfect Dosage of ateroids

Dehydronandrolon acetate
Dehydronandrolon acetate

Every DecaDurabolin has some amount of side effects. Out of all the side effects, most of them are caused because they convert into estrogen and suppress the testosterone. Both of themalong with Dehydronandrolon acetate can be very harmful to the health and for your physique as well. It is important to take note of them.

The dose of DecaDurabolin

Dehydronandrolon acetate

You should use Deca with testosterone only. Testosterone is mainly used for enhancing your physical activity. You should go for a test cycle until youstart using Deca. Initially, you should go with a small dosage of100mg ofDecaDurabolin in the starting one week. Then in the next week, increase the dosage by another 100mg and increase it to 300mg in the third week. Then, you have to hold it for a few weeks. If you do not find your desired results, then you should increase your dosage to 400mg but remember to not exceed it in your first cycle. The total length of your cycle should range between 12 weeks to 16 weeks. You need to add some products to your cycle in order to determine the perfect dosage for you.


Deca has the same receptors as testosterone which results in causing the body to stop the production of its own testosterone. This willleave you with more symptoms which are associated with low amount testosterone. One of the symptoms includes fatigue and muscle atrophy. If you supplement your cycle with more testosterone, then you could prevent this. There are various men who choose testosterone enanthate mostly because they are cheaper in cost and could be used easily at the same time.

Aromatase inhibitors

Once you consume DecaNandrolone, it is converted into estrogen inside the body. It may not be ready like the other steroids. So, you will need to add certain products to your cycle which will prevent Deca from converting into estrogen. You could add aromatase inhibitor to your cycle. They are known to block the aromatase enzyme which is responsible for binding it to Deca and thenit is converted to estrogen. If you are sensitive to estrogenic effects, failing to do so will lead to symptoms like bloating and gynecomastia.

Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs)

After you have found out the dosage which is perfect for you and when it is the end of your cycle, it is important to use PCT as it helps in kick-starting the natural testosterone production of your body. Clomid is the best products of production of testosterone. It is the selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs) which work by stimulating the products of the luteinizing hormone (LH) and the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) which boosts the levels of the natural testosterone.


This dosage should be carefully taken after proper consultancy with the doctor. Every steroid has got its side effects, so in order prevent yourself from the side effects, you will have to visit a doctor who could provide you with some valuable advice.