Some Common Reasons for Toilet Blockage

Blocked Drain Essex
Blocked Drain Essex

Blocked Drain Essex is a common issue at home and in the workplace. The most common blockage area of these places is the toilet. This is often used by everyone. In our home, we all toilet and we also teach them 3 to 4 in a time day. If the toilet is clean then your home will be disease-free. Many diseases come from toilets and also if you do not clean them properly.

Blocked Drain Essex

In this article, we will discuss what is the common reason for toilet blockage and we also give you tips on how you can stop blockage.

Toilet blockage is a common reason and the cause of blockage is toilet paper or some other material like clothing stuck in the toilet down. So how did this blockage appear? This is the main question.

There are so many reasons for a blockage, sometimes children drop something like toys or if you have pets in the home they can also drop things in it like cloth or some other items. During blockage, we think flush will work but not every time.

If the material under the toilet is big, then the flush option will not work and it will become a big problem for you. If the toy is stuck in the mainline sewer then it will also become the cause of blockage of all the pipes.

So, the best thing here is always throwing toilet paper in the bin and also watching what your children are doing. If the situation is not under control or you can say it’s become worse then you need a professional cleaner or trained plumber to carry out the toilet paper or other things.

Tip: Normally people faced the issue of blockage drain of toilet. So we will guide you to always be careful when you are using wet wipes then don’t flush them whether you are using a public toilet or home toilet.

Human waste or toilet paper is not only a cause of toilet blockage. If the sewer pipe is also blocked. This has become a big issue and without a plumber’s help, it can’t be resolved.

A normal plumber can handle only basic things with the rubber cap to push the blockage and some of them are skilled.  If it’s not working then there is much other option like drain clear and chemical is available for the blockage.

So what if the above thing did not work?

Now there is another question if the other things will not work then what to do? Then you can take help of the jet toddling. It’s a machine that has high – pressures that can clean the blockage easily. Its power nozzle can clean the blockage in the toilet.

If water is coming back whenever you flush then this is the first indication of blockage that something is down the line. The toilet blockage can be turned into a health issue because dirty sewer water is coming up. If the water level is already up then don’t flush again and again. Do not use that washroom or toilet, it is just a friendly tip to you.