Smartest Options for the Van Hire

location utilitaire guadeloupe
location utilitaire guadeloupe

Commercial vehicle rental agencies often offer moving packages, with prices that can quickly become expensive for the most complete packages. In these utility rental packs, there are boxes, blankets, straps, trolleys, handcarts, etc. To avoid this additional cost, we, therefore, recommend that you use your own equipment. With the location utilitaire guadeloupe you can now get the best deal.

One of the most influencing factors in the price of a utility rental is the size of the utility. Take the trouble to determine with precision the volume to be transported based on the size of your accommodation your rental company can help you. By choosing the right utility, you will avoid multiplying the rotations and therefore increase your fuel consumption. The idea being is to reduce the price of your van rental, to do everything on one trip.

Return the utility to its starting point

Some rental companies allow abandoning the vehicle rented in another utility rental agency than the original one. But this possibility comes at a price. Bringing the utility back to its starting point does not add to the bill.

Refuel yourself

location utilitaire guadeloupe

Utility rental agencies require that the borrowed vehicle be returned with a full tank of fuel on time. For those who have omitted this instruction, they will be likely to be attributed an overcharging. In order to avoid this negative charge on the total rental price, we recommend that you refuel yourself.

Price markings for utility vehicle rental

Prices vary depending on several factors: city or rental agency, driver’s age, number of years of license, etc. Some examples for a driver over 25 years old with more than five years of license: Price of a small utility vehicle rental 6 m3, 100 km included, in Nantes:

  • Lessor 1: 39 $ or day,
  • Lessor 2: 50 $ or day,
  • Lessor 3: 54 $ or day.

Price of a small utility vehicle rental 6 m3, 200 km included, in Paris:

  • Lessor 1: 70 $ or day,
  • Lessor 2: 78 $ or day,
  • Lessor 3: 156 $ or day.

In fact, with the large seats and the front compartment, you can carry many objects at the same time that, with a car, should definitely be left at home.

If, for example, you have to move, you have a large family with more children and you have to go on holiday with cots, strollers, high chairs and all the appropriate accessories, moving with this vehicle could be the perfect solution. For this service, it is convenient to rely on a rental company, perhaps that of your city.

Useful Hints for Van Rental

What is the first thing you do when you want to rent a van? many of you will certainly search the web. Why not ask for advice on renting your city?

When renting a van there are a few things to consider:

If you want to save money, contact those van rental companies that offer the possibility to rent vans only for the period in which they are actually used. It is preferable to read all the clauses, in order not to find unexpected expenses. Never forget to ask what are the costs to be incurred for insurance coverage and if there are limitations for reimbursement in the event of an accident.