Sinks and Drains: Your Options to Get the Best Option Now

Blocked Drain Kent
Blocked Drain Kent

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How to unblock the sink?

With all the grease and food particles dripping down your kitchen drains, sooner or later you’ll have to learn how to unclog a kitchen sink. Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can do to remove blockages or prevent them from growing. Here are methods you can use.

Prevent blockages with vinegar

When you notice that your kitchen sink is starting to drain slowly, it’s time to get the vinegar out because this pantry staple is so convenient. Simple cleaning vinegar has many advantages over chemical un-blockers. It is gentler on the environment, safer for you and your family.

Blocked Drain Kent

Kitchen Sink Unclogging With Vinegar

  • Buy a two-liter bottle of cleaning vinegar, which is more acidic than regular white vinegar.
  • Pour the full two liters down your clogged kitchen drain. Let sit for 15 minutes.
  • If your sink is draining particularly slowly, you can pour in half a cup of baking soda first. Follow it with a cup of vinegar and water, plug it in with a plug and let it sit for 15 minutes.
  • Test if the clogging has been removed by pouring hot (not boiling) water down the drain.

It works best as a preventative measure. If your kitchen drain is already completely clogged or the vinegar isn’t removing the clog, try the next method.

Unclog the kitchen drain with a suction cup

Suction cups can be very effective at dislodging clutter that is close to the surface. They break down blockages by alternating between suction (pull up) and pressure (push down). You will want to use a sink suction cup, which has a round head.

Kitchen Sink Unlock With Suction Cup

  • Use a damp cloth to plug the drain hole. If you have a double sink, you’ll want to plug both drains.
  • Fill the sink with water until it is half or half full.
  • Place the suction cup over the drain hole so that it is completely covered.

Make sure you have a strong seal by dipping once to expel the air. When the plunger is sealed, you will feel it “gripping” the drain. This helps the suction cup to stay above the drain. If you are having difficulty, standing in a chair can help. Without breaking the seal of the hole, plunge vigorously up and down six to ten times. Repeat this manipulation several times.

On your last dive, pull hard so the plunger disconnects from the drain. Remove any debris that has come loose. In some cases, the clutter is located further down the pipe. If so, the suction cup may not be effective you may need to unhook the hose to access the blockage.

Each of the above methods can be made more effective if followed by the use of a rubber suction cup available at hardware stores. Place the rubber suction cup firmly over the drain opening and quickly flip the handle up and down to create a suction that will help clear the obstruction.