Pest Control before Construction

Pest Control Colchester
Pest Control Colchester

Pest control is a very important task, which is often neglected by most people. People often think that Pest Control Colchester or pest management only involves the elimination of spiders, termites, or roaches out of our house. However, not only it protects from these harmful insects but it also involves safeguarding our health, food, and costly property. Pest control is vital for the safety of our loved ones.

Pest Control Colchester

We all have a dream to build a beautiful house of our own. Generally, people construct their houses with all their savings. However, they neglected the fact that some insects may reside within the ground, which affect the building in the future. Some of the pre-construction damages caused by the pest are:

  • The most common insect that affects the building is termite. There are around 276o species of termites in the whole world out of which 320 species are found in India infesting wood. Some of the common species found in India are Odontotermesspp, Incistermes, Drywood termites, and Marginitermite spp. They vandalize household artefacts like clothing, furniture, stationery, and wooden furniture. They feed on the artefacts, which have a cellulose base.
  • Subterranean termites build their nest in soil. They normally survive in the colony for many years. Termites’ colonies may have millions of individuals; therefore, the damage is also huge. The insects normally choose wood for feeding by making a tunnel of mud to reach their destination.
  • They mainly travel through the brick walls, conduits, and masonry work of the house to reach its source where they feed, damaging all the belongings, which fall in their way.

However, thanks to modern science, we can protect our buildings from termites before the construction of buildings. Some of the things we must keep in mind before the construction of the building are:

  • Before the construction of the building pest management is done to put a stop to termite parasitization in construction buildings.
  • Before the construction of the building, we should treat the soil beneath. To prevent the attack of termite proper surveillance is very important surrounding your foundation.
  • Now people are very much aware of the pre-construction anti-termite treatment, which will safeguard their property for the long run.
  • To stop the entry of termite in the soil, which has direct contact with the foundation is treated with insecticides. It kills the pest surrounding the foundation and forms a toxic barrier to repel the pest in the future.

However, there is a treatment process of termite removal from the soil, but we should note some important points before applying it:

  • The anti-termite treatment will only be effective for Subterranean termites. It will not protect our belongings from other termites like dry-wood termites or other wood pests.
  • If there is construction work near the treated area, the chemical barrier may get disturbed after the completion of anti-termite treatment.
  • In such condition, the concerned authority of the building should notify the Pest management company to restore the chemical barrier and restrict the entry of termites
  • If someone sees evidence of termites in their building after the treatment process, they should let the concerned authority know about the problems.

Architecture, contractors, and engineers who are responsible for the construction should also be responsible for letting this treatment be done before the establishment of infrastructure.