Packing a Shipped Container–Tips and tricks

Shipping Container Removals
Shipping Container Removals

We are all looking for ways to simplify the great job that can be. Yet Shipping Container Removals are one of the cheapest yet fastest ways of relocating! Self-pack removal service is just that here at container traders –loading yourself and your house into a shipping container and going. Simply put, ring us and deliver the container to your current home or business and pack it full of the items you are carrying; ring us to transport the container to your new home or business and unpack it all. This approach can also save you up to 50% on typical costs for removal and you know that you have packed it all.

Declare and decide what to pack. what to pack.

Usually, a 20 ft shipping container can hold the contents of a three-bedroom house comfortably–the internal capacity is about 38m3–but you can not put anything longer than 5,9 m because the container’s intern length is. Start by writing an inventory list of your household items–while you start with the larger ones, they can allow you to see and prepare to match your container all the time. Weigh up, what you want from that list, and what should be re-homed, given or discarded. Moving is a perfect time to get rid of stuff that you don’t use often enough to hold! So note–the more you prepare the bag, the quicker the container will be actually packed!

Tip 2–Container preparation for packaging.

Shipping Container Removals

The main idea you have to remember in the preparation of a shipping container is the placement, so it is convenient to load the container close enough to your house, without blocking traffic, car parking or roads. If you want to bring the container onto a lawn or driveway, you may want to protect the ground by putting wooden planks or bricks underneath it, which is necessary if the floor is flat, because you need to level the container-read more on labeling here.

Tip 3–Packing and packing of your goods.

One of the key tips to ensure the safe and one-piece delivery of your items is to ensure that all your goods are packed and packaged appropriately. The next thing is to make the most efficient way to empty your house and pack the container simultaneously. Any precious or delicate items should be covered in bubble wrap and in a newspaper or in towels and sheets to save more space. Smaller items (children’s toys, kitchen equipment, etc.) should be placed in moving boxes and filled with smaller items so that items move about. And all your boxes label! When you try to find your things, it saves your health when you unpack!

As if you were camping, leave some things that you will need to stay with for your transfer, either to take with you or to bring in the latter container–it’s important to remember that what you pack last is the first thing you unpack. To ease the packing process and keep the package structural integrity intact, start first putting big or heavy objects in your container and then filling all boxes or smaller items in the gaps.