How to control my son/ daughter to avoid playing games on a mobile phone?

escape room
escape room

In this world, half of the people are interested in playing the game. Games make the person get relaxed and stress-free. Most of the students get addicted to playing the game. Games make it more interesting when we start playing it. There are millions and billions of games are there in the app store and play store. Games make the person think more. And there are a lot of engines to create your game and they each have their strengths and also its weakness.

Games like the escape room , pubg, etc… like games make the people think more when they start playing. The gamer should be fully concentrated while playing. If he lost his concentration from the game he will be knocked out from the game. And the main thing is the game will not make the person concentrate on other matters. By the visual creative, graphics attract the gamer more. So there is no way to get distracted while playing the game. Once the gamer starts playing he cannot distract his mind from the game the sounds and the arrangement inside the room still more attracts the gamer.

Escape games are created by solving tasks and get out of a particular room. Only you complete the task you can come out from the room and you can go to the next task. While playing you will get more obstacles in your game. You should clear those obstacles to win your battle.

There can be many new games to be launched but the escape room has a separate audience. Not all students but some students are more interested in playing the escape room. This is fine and compared to mobile games it is better. The only advantage in online mobile gaming is the player can communicate with the other so that he can improve the communication skills and communication is no longer only until the gameplay. So if you’re children are interested in playing mobile games suggest they know about escape games. It helps the children to think more to solve and find the clue or code.

When and how the escape game is created? In which country the game is first launched?

First, this game is created in Japan in the middle of 2007. At that, the per-team requires 6 to 7 players only if you have team members more than 5 you can start your game. You cannot play as a single man. After getting popular some writers wrote an escape story and released it as a movie. The movies also gave a good response from the audience. Then by the movie, the game got some more popular.

escape room

There is no rule that the code should be easy to find it can be easier or difficult it depends upon the player. If the players have some more experience in the escape room he can complete and get some ideas about how to play.

The game is not much easier but at the same time not more difficult once you are experienced you will feel relaxed while playing the game.

Hint: if you have solved some puzzles in your school time the game will be more interesting for you. If not you could strain more.