Get to know Orlando before you jump into its lucrative Real Estate market

Are you interested in investing in Orlando real estates? Then you first need to read this Orlando Real Estate Buyer’s Guide in our site . No matter which place you choose, be it Orlando or New York, you must know the area first. From its population to its economy, you should see the place from every aspect. Then only you can take an informed decision, and the chance of regretting later will be much less. So, if you’re ready, let’s start.

Orlando is a massive economy of more than 100 billion USD, and a significant share of this number can be credited to the tourists, thanks to Disney World. You will be surprised to know that it is the city which attracts more tourists than New York, even Las Vegas, making it the most visited place in the whole USA. Numbers don’t lie, an astronomical 57 million plus people come to visit Orlando every year, and this number is growing every year. People from India to Finland, from all over the world, visit here to see Disney World, Universal Studio, Lego land, to name just a few among many other attractions.


The population is growing very fast every year; however, the employment rate is increasing even more quickly – thanks to billions of dollars, both public and private, which is getting invested in the city. It takes no guess that industries like the hotel, transport, rental homes are being flourished like crazy. It can be almost compared to the dot com boom in Silicon Valley.


Undoubtedly, the center of tourist attraction is Disney World. It is the biggest recreational park in the whole world which consists of 6 theme parks (2 of which are water parks) and 23 resorts in total. This park attracts most tourist than any other such place in the world. With 66 thousand employees, it is the biggest employer in the whole USA, in a single site of course.


Due to this largest and diverse tourist pool every year, Orlando can cater to all type of needs and budget. You can be a billionaire or a mere retiree; you’ll find your kind of shopping options here very easily. From Tiger Wood’s favorite golf course to Michelin starred niche restaurants, from downtown Orlando filled with American history to the astounding scenic beauty of some small towns in central Florida.


Living in Orlando is an experience for everybody. You can be a techie with your new start-up, or you may have just retired, or a small business, or a CEO of a fortune 500 company – trust me, you won’t feel like an outsider. The living cost is very economical, and you’ll find great options regardless of your budget. Infrastructure and transport facility can be compared with worlds best cities. Moreover, you’ll feel the climate here is fantastic. Plenty of sunny days will make you crave for some outdoor adventure always if you’re that kind of person of course.


However, tourism, which has a massive 30% of contribution in the total economy of Orlando, isn’t the only thing which keeps the economy flourishing here. Orlando is growing with many and various industries other than tourism. From new age start-ups with innovative technology like artificial intelligence and big data to more traditional sectors like biotech, life science, health-care, advanced manufacturing, aviation, business consultation, business convention center, etc. – it’s like growth and Orlando become synonyms. It’s no surprise that many fortune 500 companies have their corporate headquarters here and many renowned CEOs of USA call Orlando their home.