Finer Measures for the Right Vests

gilet de costume
gilet de costume

Everyone knows how designers love to give free rein to fantasy, so if you want, you can highlight many types of vests however, and it makes sense to dwell on the main three. All that comes after them is a variation on the motive. Finer measures are there with the gilet de costume also.

This model is usually sold as part of a costume along with trousers and a jacket. Extremely simple and comfortable, such a vest can be presented in one of two options: either with an open or closed back. The first option is always recognizable by a deep neckline in front. If you often have to wear a tailcoat, it is better to choose a closed vest. In open, you will be taken for a waiter.

The Right category

This category includes any fabric model that is not suitable for business meetings and special occasions. For example, we can highlight:

  • Knitted vests.
  • Leather models.
  • Denim options.

Here you do not need to suffer from the pangs of choice: just buy the model that you liked more. But do not forget that any vest should be appropriate.

If heat is rare in your city, it makes sense to think about buying a warmed model. But in this case, we advise you to look closely at the cutouts for the hands: buy a vest with deep cuts and you will certainly freeze your muscles. It should also be remembered that heat in this case is much more important than style. In the cold, nobody cares how you look: the main thing is not to get sick.

As you can see, there are a great many kinds of men’s vests. But the rules for sizing for everyone are general:

  • The vest suggests a fit.
  • The cut of some models can be free, others narrowed.
  • In any case, the vest should be in time, that is, it should not hang, but should not be small.

In the case of a classic vest, it is important that a shirt does not stick out from under it. More confident to feel when choosing a vest, our table will help you. The fashion for vests of various cuts, styles and colors has returned again. Vests are fur, leather, knitted, cardigans, they are all in trend.

How to choose a vest of the correct cut and texture

gilet de costume

For business meetings, it is best to choose a cashmere vest or a wool vest. Social parties are the place where you can wear satin, silk vest, and leather or fur. For experimenting with your wardrobe, jeans or denim vest is suitable. A vest is a thing that should be selected exclusively according to the figure and sit, as they say from the needle.

An incorrectly sized vest can spoil your entire appearance. The length of the vest should cover the belt of trousers or skirts. When buying a vest, it is better to choose models from well-known manufacturers. So you are guaranteed to buy a product of good quality and proper fit. The vest can also be free, and then it should cover the hips, hide the stomach or wide waist. Such models with t-shirts and blouses look especially impressive. And then the vest is unbuttoned.