Closing Costs and the properties Waiting for You

The person who personally participated in the auction will be the same to whom the awarded property will be transferred. The only way to allow the transfer of the property to another person is to participate on behalf of the same through a special notary power of attorney, to be attached to the application to participate in the auction. Make a visit to for the best results now.

Auctions and legal communion of goods

For spouses in the communion of property, it is sufficient that one of the two deposits applies for participation and is presented at the auction: the property eventually awarded will automatically enter into communion. If, on the other hand, you want to avoid this, the spouse who wishes to be the exclusive owner of the property must participate individually in the tender, specifying in the application that it will not fall in communion, reserving the right to produce, in the event of an award, a suitable declaration made pursuant to art. 179 of the civil code stipulated with a notarial deed.

Transfer costs for goods purchased at auction

As a rule, the amount of expenses and fees varies between about 10% and 15% of the final award price even lower if the first home benefits are granted, thus determining the return to the buyer of a limited residue of the sum entrusted to the professional for all the procedures necessary for the transfer. It is specified that the taxes are calculated on the hammer price, since the rule on the price value.

Is it possible to take advantage of the discounts for the purchase of the first home?

Yes, provided that they desire to use them is promptly expressed already at the auction or better at the end of the auction. A specific declaration must be issued to the delegated professional when he or she will carry out the deed of the deposit of the draft of the subsequent transfer decree.

A foreclosed property is occupied by third parties, under a regular contract

Rental, leasing or loan contracts are not enforceable against the buyer at auction, unless they are authorized by the execution judge or have a certain date prior to the transcription of the attachment. In this case, they are not effective against the same successful bidder beyond the first expiry of the lease and, if it exceeds 9 years, it cannot be enforced beyond this term unless duly transcribed.

Open a mortgage for a house bought at auction

The stipulation of the loan contract for a house bought at the auction will be contextual to the issue of the transfer decree and the first-grade voluntary mortgage will be registered on the property purchased.

In divestment auctions, what happens if no one offers bids during the phase of obvious bids?

Usually, a draw is made from the offers presented in the first phase.

Do bidders need to be present at the opening of the envelopes?

It is advisable to be present to avoid missing the opportunity to participate in the auction with an increase or to have news of the award of a property with the consequent obligation to pay the consideration and expenses.

Maximum number of properties in the residual offer

It is a necessary indication to put a limit on the right and obligation to purchase by the tenderer himself: in fact, when he wins a number of properties equal to that indicated as the maximum limit, any other offer loses its effect.