Bathroom Renovation As Per Requirement Now

rénovation salle de bain
rénovation salle de bain

In order to obtain a result in line with your needs and your tastes, please respect all the following steps during your bathroom renovation project. The right rénovation salle de bain comes easy now.

rénovation salle de bain

Plan the layout and budget of your bathroom

First of all, you have to think about the layout of your room and the configuration of the spaces. A bathroom is rarely very big, it is necessary to optimize its volume by defining the location of the bath, the shower, and the basins. Once your bathroom plan has been validated, you need to organize your calendar and plan a budget based on:

  • Type and range of materials used
  • Fees of an interior designer or a design office
  • Planning of professional intervention and coordination of trades

Choosing floor and wall coverings

The selection of flooring in a bathroom is an essential step. The latter must indeed withstand moisture and cleaning products. Several materials are at your disposal, such as tiling, laminate flooring, vinyl flooring. In most cases, the installation of tiles is retained.

About the wall covering, the two classic options are tiling or painting. However, you should not base your choice solely on an aesthetic aspect. If your water feature does not have windows, ventilation is difficult or ventilation is insufficient, we advise you to opt for tiling. This material, certainly more expensive than the paint, is better adapted to avoid the appearance of moisture and traces of mold.

To reduce your budget a little, you can also have wall tiles placed on two-thirds of the height and complete with paint. Last option: keep the existing tile and repaint it with paint or resin. You will give a facelift to your bathroom, without major work and for a reasonable price.

Select equipment

To complete this step, you will certainly need the advice of a professional to choose the best your bathtub, your shower, your washbasin, your WC block or the furniture of your bathroom. Depending on the range selected, prices can fly but know that quality equipment will have a longer life and bring a certainly added value to your water.

The choice of lighting and accessories

Lighting is essential in a bathroom to provide all the visual comfort you need. This is even truer if your room does not have a window. To modernize your lighting, you can opt for:

  • Recessed spotlights
  • Spotlights on rail
  • Wall sconces
  • Natural light solutions (skylights)

The use of mirrors to enhance the impression of light

You just have to finish renovating your bathroom by choosing some accessories, such as candles, decorative objects, storage boxes, carpets and towels. By bringing a note of originality and in color, you will transform your room into a warm and trendy cocoon, conducive to relaxation and relaxation. These discreet finishes will also allow you to take ownership of the site at the end of the project, adding your personal brand.

If you decide to renovate your bathroom the possibilities offered by current materials and modern equipment will satisfy you. To make your dream come true, we can put you in touch with artisans near you, selected for their know-how and skills. You will receive several quotes and so choose quietly the professional that suits you, to entrust your site with confidence.