ADBLOCKERS: everything you should know


The need to have content filtering is to block advertisements and other page elements which you wouldn’t want in your content when the viewer or the potential customer sees it. ┬áThere is a certain list of recommendations that the blocker presents for the owner of the page so that they will know what all ads they would want to block and which to leave out. There is software that does just that. They have been made to suit all kinds of platforms available on the computers which may be both desktop and laptop. Make use of an adblocker .


The need for a blocker

This software is lately been used a lot, but there are others who feel offended by not having that the ads get blocked and have taken measures that the blockage doesn’t happen. The content put as the advertisement is funded by the site at times and it doesn’t make sense for blocking them. There are different kinds of advertising done online

  • Pop-up windows
  • Text
  • Embedded audio and video
  • Animations
  • Pictures
  • Web banners

Some of the browsers allow for removing or altering the ads coming your way when viewing content online. There are a lot of reasons for blocking ads and why it’s not all manipulation for just blocking ads for personal gain –

  • There is a definite need to protect privacy and also it helps to reduce the number of HTTP cookies.
  • It helps from all the malvertising that comes so very often when viewing on content.
  • There are not just drive by downloads this can lead to
  • Misleading page elements
  • Redirects and opening in a new tab
  • Invisible overlay click areas
  • The user needs to have a better experience which may not happen with the number of ads just popping up and spoiling the mood with faster loading time and there will be a lesser distraction too. This will lessen clutter as well.
  • There are other reasons for ergonomic can distract the viewer with animation and even motion some ads is not what every viewer wants to see.
  • Batteries on the mobiles have lesser power hence you will have to save it and avoiding advertisement is a great way.
  • This one of the ways to put off undesirable websites making money through this.

The website owners are more pro to the internet ads which is a great revenue generator. And also purchase content also. It is quite a win-win situation for these site owners. But there is also a good use of blocking software that now is prominent. When the revenues go down which is when you block ads, the free content will come down too. The users don’t actually like ads which are too frequent and distracting from what’s actually on the website. The block can be done with the help of auto play. There are other blockers that can be used such as image loading or flash animation. This, in turn, brings on more security as well as privacy for the user. Browser extensions which were earlier used and rarely used now helped in some sort of way. Now you can filter the media content that you would want to see and subscribe to, there are a lot of options available.