A TAXI service’s clientele is also mostly casual since it is a call-based service

Taxi Roma
Taxi Roma

Rent with driver

It is important to know who we are and what Taxi Roma offers to residents and tourists a rental service 24 hours a day and 365 days a year by putting at your service a fleet of the highest quality cars that make it suitable for social events, weddings and other important occasions. In particular, Best NCC Rome stands out for its affordable prices that really allow everyone to avoid the stress, long queues, and endless waiting times that characterize those who take public transport.

All this transforming the moment of the trip into a unique experience thanks to the elegance, courtesy, and attention to detail that characterize both the NCC Roma staff and the cars used. Here is how this service is ideal for those who want to visit a city of art or a place of cultural interest without sacrificing comfort, but also for the businessman who is forced to travel frequently during the day. , perhaps in a very short time. Choosing this service will allow you to arrive at all business appointments with complete peace of mind, sure to always arrive on time.

The rental service with driver

very similar to the Taxi service but has some differences even though it is basically the same service offered to the user. The city taxi is distinguished by some changes made to the cars that perform this service such as the colour, the authorization number, the written as radio taxi or the advertising printed on the sides in addition to the “parrot”, the word TAXI applied on the car.

Taxi Roma

This is not the case for the NCC service as in this case it is the business owner who chooses the car to use based on the needs of the customers, generally made up of a good number of regular customers but also tourists. What distinguishes NCC cars is the authorization number applied inside the windshield and the abbreviation NCC usually next to the license plate.

Taxi or NCC in Rome? Here are the main differences

Today taking a taxi means relying on a non-scheduled public service that runs in the city and airport and for which you pay the amount shown on the taximeter that calculates the kilometers and time taken in a mixed way and starts at the start of the race. To use this service, you usually call the telephone numbers of the radio taxi, stop the car on the street or leave from pitches marked TAXI.

When, however, we think of a rental service, we are going to indicate a private non-scheduled transport for which we book a private car that is normally used for extra-urban routes, airports, representation services, and social occasions. Generally, this service is much cheaper than the traditional taxi service, especially as regards long-distance routes, while it is less convenient for short routes. The fare, unlike the taxi service, is agreed upon booking which is mandatory and is made by phone or email.

Compared to the taxi service, with NCC you can also choose the car to use, for example, Best NCC Rome offers luxury cars from the classic Mercedes to the limousine. Finally, the NCC service also has the same facilities as the taxi with regard to road traffic, being able to circulate on preferential lanes and in the ZTL (limited traffic areas), on days when traffic is blocked, and with other privileges.

How to use the rental with driver

Let’s take an example of use in the airport: while the tourist who has just got off the plane will find the Taxi outside the airport and most likely will have to wait for his turn, Best Ncc expects that the same driver will wait for the customer inside. of the airport, making itself visible and recognizable with a sign. Both in the case of the airport service and for transport departing from the railway station, the meeting place is decided at the time of booking and the telephone number of the driver who will carry out the service is also left to the customer.