A detailed review of the cost of living in Maryland


Actually, Maryland is an amazing place and many people around the world willing to visit at their vacation time. Before visiting this city, you must learn more about the cost of living in Maryland and also visit this link https://waterfrontmarylandhomes.com to see more about this place. It is fully covered from housing prices and taxes to education and other utilities as well. Here is a useful guide to the cost of living in Maryland; let’s check it out.

Home prices in Baltimore, United States

Actually, there is not a county in Maryland with an average list of cost beneath $100,000. The minimal costly homes are now available in Allegany County that has an average listing cost of $103,360. However, these expensive homes are in Talbot County too, where the average listing cost is just $649,953. As per the census bureau, the median price of owner-occupied houses in Maryland are ranged between 2010 and 2014 was $287,500.



There is a 30-day pass available for the public transit in Baltimore that costs around $68. This charming card can also be used on public transportation in Baltimore. If you need a fast bus service, you can purchase $85 charm card. As per the study, the average price of a gallon of gas in Maryland is $1.844. Forgetting driver’s license, you will pay a fee of around $48 for a license that is valid for 8 years, $42 for a 7-year license and $36 for 6-year license and also $30 for a 5-year license. In order to renew your license, it costs around $6 per year.


When it comes to education, the University of Maryland comes around $9,996 that includes books, lodging, meals, and transportation. The university estimate around a total in-state of price to be $24,587. However, this is a good deal related to the assessment of university for out-of-state students around $45,735.


There are a lot of things in Maryland. If you are a history buff, you can verify the Antietam national battlefield for just around $5 per individual or $10 per vehicle.

Other utility costs

Until your utility costs are added in your rent or your condo association fees, you need to cover your utility bills for each month. According to US energy information administration, the average monthly utility bill is around $139.68 in Maryland.

Rental prices in Maryland

Still, if you want to save up for a down payment, first of all, you must know the rental prices in Maryland, which is on the top side. In reality, from three bedroom apartments to studios, the rents of Maryland are larger than the average rent in the United States. So, you just verify the list of how rent costs in Maryland are in the following link https://waterfrontmarylandhomes.com.

The average costs of two bedrooms in Maryland can expect to pay around $1,425 that is increasing then the US average price. The three bedrooms in Maryland can expect to pay around $1,761 and one-bedroom apartments in Maryland can expect to pay around $1,187 just above average.