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Fondation Paul-Henri Spaak - Accueil |
Vous pouvez effectuer vos recherches dans les
archives de la fondation et en demander copie.
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The Paul-Henri Spaak Foundation was created one year after the death of this distinguished Belgian statesman in order to continue his work in the field of the European integration and Atlantic relations.

To this end, the Foundation organises conferences and seminars, which become in recurrently subjects of its publications.

The Foundation possesses a major part of Paul-Henri Spaak's archives. An important decision granted the possibility to the public to consult the archives request copies of the materials.

Formal requests could be launched via the search engine. For more precise and detailed requests the enclosed application form could be used.

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Inventaires des archives
Les inventaires sont disponibles en addressant la demande à:
Film "Paul Henri Spaak, l'Homme"
Le film, réalisé par Michèle Etzel, est disponible, dans la limite des copies disponibles, sur demande à l\'adresse électronique: